Various Types of Cannabis Crosses

Cannabis is one of the most famous psychedelics, even more  famous than even mushrooms in this country. Its use as a medical cannabis is also known worldwide , one of the products that is known for its exceptional quality is medical cannabis Canada. But unfortunately many do not understand the types of marijuana and what is the meaning of that type.

Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of marijuana. There are a lot of strains/types which are the crosses of these two varieties and each one has a combination, composition, different cannabinoid content, the effects are different. Even each individual in one strain will never be really the same except using culture network.

Indica and strains dominated by Indica have more chlorophyll than Sativa, so its growth is fast. But usually, the Sativa effect is preferred because it is expected that the crossing will be obtained which contains the good properties of both (sense of Sativa, the speed of growth Indica)

There is another third species, Cannabis Ruderalis. This is the shortest and not easily found species, and flowering is also quite easy because it does not depend on the duration of lighting but depends on age. But this does not contain enough cannabinoids so that it cannot be sucked. But usually, it is also used as a parent in crossing to reduce the nature of short plants and flower without depending on lighting (auto-flowering cannabis).

Some well-known strains, including Apollo, Big Bertha, Harmony, Super Silver Haze, Timewarp, C99, Sour Diesel, Snowcap, Trainwreck, Skunk.

The comparison of CBD / THC contained in Sativa can be 4-5x higher than Indica, and the higher the CBD / THC will further reduce the tendency of anxiety (side effects). This may be due to CBD having an antagonistic effect on cannabinoid receptors, while THC is an agonist. Sativa is usually used for treatment, and Indica is usually used for sedatives/sleep at night.

Hybrid or cross-linked Sativa means any crossing or strains that are predominantly the Sativa (more empathetic). Mostly, the physical form is very likely Sativa but the “contents” can mix with Indica. Hybrid Sativa is usually used for antidepressants and also to increase appetite. Example: Haze, Kali Mist, Jack Herer, Willy Nelson.