Treating, Concealing, and Preventing Fine Lines and under eye wrinkles


It’s natural to develop crow’s feet and lines around the corners of the eyes. However, you can’t prevent fine lines and wrinkles; but they can be reduced. Your facial appearance starts to change when little lines appear as under eye wrinkles. Regardless of your age, you can look youthful and fresh. Injectable fillers can be used to calm fine lines as a way of fading them before they generate into full-blown wrinkles. Plumping your skin can boost the production of collagen and elasticin proteins.

Invasion by toxins

Naturally, the aging process leaves a rough texture, blemishes, and loose skin; most of them are on our faces. However, it’s amazing how an effective skin routine can tighten your skin and clear fine lines and wrinkles. When skin cells are attacked by free radical agents; they undergo oxidative stress and shrink. More so, the invasion by bacteria causes inflammation damage skin layers and cause lines as signs of premature wrinkles.

How to conceal and prevent fine lines and under eye wrinkles

Concealing fine lines and wrinkles with makeup always makes the wearer look younger.  The danger about makeups is the tendency to cake your skin up and bring cracks on the skin when they stay for longer than normal. However, there are other effective treatments than the option of concealers. You can prevent fine lines and build a wrinkle-free skin by using a combination of skin beauty tips.

Plump with lip balms

Use lip balms to plump thin lips and smoothen the appearance of your face. Many lip balms have moisturizing ingredients; they don’t conceal wrinkles directly. They uplift wrinkly lips that have been battered by lines and wrinkles. However, lip balms come in different flavors to bring a soothing relief; they must be applied consistently to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Use essential oils and get a message on wrinkled spots

Massaging fine lines and under eye wrinkles with essential oils can rejuvenate skin cells and tighten the areas with wrinkles. Plant-based oils are widely used than fish oils because of the cost and effectiveness. It’s not the message that fades wrinkles, but the action of powerful nutrients in essential oils.  The typical essential oil for skin beauty is Rosemary plant extracts. Apply Rosemary oil as fine lines treatment at least twice every day. The essential oil works by releasing streams of blood to under eye wrinkles.

Its anti-inflammatory properties will flush free radical agents (toxins) and increase the production of collagen. Massaging fine lines eyes with Rosemary essential oil ensures an even distribution of the powerful ingredients in the sublayer of the skin. During the application don’t forget to massage the corner of your eye towards the temple, nose, and cheeks repeatedly.

Wear sunscreen and plump with moisturizer

Concealing under eye wrinkles that are triggered by genetics could be daunting. Environmental factors like pollutants and ultraviolet (UV) rays can quicken the spread of premature wrinkle and fine lines. Your skin cells shrink and when harmful radical agents invade them. The area of impact will appear dull on the skin and cause dark spots in lighter complexions.

In extreme cases, your skin texture will become dry, scaly and sensitive like sun patches. However, a broad-spectrum sunscreen provides the shield you can wear every day against UV radiations. There are topical moisturizers that plump dry skin and moisturize it to tackle stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines. The suitable moisturizer has hyaluronic acid that fills dry sublayers of the skin with sufficient fluid for hydrations.

Add concealers to your skin care routine

If your wardrobe doesn’t contain concealers, it might be the time to change your makeup application. Use skin-friendly concealers to fade little lines around your eyes. Instead of choosing heavy powders for makeup; dab your skin with small portions of concealer. Spead the application with a facial brush to the skin around your eyes when crow’s feet and wrinkles might be. Consult a cosmetic dermatologist when in doubt of what concealer is suitable for your skin texture.

Choose the best under-eye cream

Fine lines, crow’s feet, and premature wrinkles respond to under-eye creams with moisturizing properties. The best eye cream contains formulas like vitamins A, E, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants ingredients. Every skin brightening cream is designed for specific skin textures. Usually, regular topical moisturizers are over-the-counter products that are used for fine lines treatment.

Avoid unpleasant lifestyle practices

Don’t engage in lifestyle practices that are injurious to your skin cells. The chemicals from cigarette fumes can impede the flow of blood and nutrients to the under-eye skin. In extreme cases, excessive smoking has caused a dull complexion, itchy eyes because of inflammations and irritations. So, it’s common for regular smokers without glowing and attractive skin.

More so, depression, stress, and the excess consumption of alcohol, and stimulants can quicken the undesirable of effects of aging on your skin. Over-exposure to sunlight and tanning can trigger sunburns and melanoma in extreme cases.

Eat a healthy diet that’s rich in antioxidant

There are cost-effective solutions that can tighten and smoothen your skin. Naturally, the nutrients from our diets affect the texture of the skin. Vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are ingredients that rejuvenate skin cells. Omega-3 fatty acids are oils from coconut, almonds, jojoba, olive and some seafood sources. These essential and heart-friendly oils make the skin supple and glowing.

You must use cleansers to remove makeup and free the pores before massaging with omega-3 oils. A gentle massage ensures the even distribution for faster relief and radiant skin beauty. More so, your diet plan should include fruits and veggies because they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and skin-boosting nutrients. Avoid having long bath sessions to preserve the natural oils that are secreted by your skin’s sebaceous glands.


Apart from healthy diet plans, facial exercises are inexpensive ways of erasing wrinkles, freckles and smile lines. Facial exercises are done with the fingers to relax the skin and boost blood circulation. Pushups and massage on facial muscles with the fingers should be done at least twice every day. However, drinking a sufficient quantity of water every day will keep your hydrated. Naturally, water is diuretic; it can be flavored by dropping slices of fresh fruits in the container.