Step By Step Guide On Keeping Healthy and Protect Yourself against Diabetes

Our health is one of the most important things on our life; therefore we need to keep our health in the best conditions so we always are able to live with our family. However, there are several things that make your life destroyed; one of the most dangerous things is diabetes. You can take steps to prevent diabetes by simply adjust your lifestyle into healthy, better and best choices of diet, exercise and lifestyle. You may also utilize One Touch Select Test Strips to do self testing and monitor your blood glucose, this way you will be able to monitor your health and stay away from diabetes. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide and healthy tips on how to protect yourself against diabetes for better health.

The first step is understanding diabetes. Diabetes itself is a disease that cause your blood glucose or sugar level in your blood are too highs. Diabetes are having two types, the type 1 diabetes are causing by the inability of your pancreas to produce enough insulin, while the type 2 diabetes are inability of your body cells to use insulin. You can’t cure diabetes type 1, but you are able to control and cure diabetes type 2.

The next step understands the cause of diabetes. Diabetes can be caused from heredity, a genes pass from one generation to another. If your parents or family member are having diabetes, you have higher chance to get diabetes. Age are also factor that may cause diabetes to you, generally you will have 80% chances to get diabetes on 49 years old or above that. Another factor that may cause you diabetes is obesity, stress, high blood pressure and complications of viral infections.

The next step is focus on changing your lifestyle for better health. You may need to conquer obesity, attaining a Body mass index in normal range, then eat healthy diabetes food with less sugar and become physically active through exercise. Then, don’t forget to take proper rest on an almost empty stomach without any sleep aids. This way, you will be able to lower your chance of getting diabetes.

Improving Your Diet and Exercise Properly will Lower Your Blood Glucose

The next step is choosing a healthy diet for your daily intake. You will need to choose the right carbohydrates. Simple carbs such as sugar and flour are quickly absorbed by the body’s digestive system. Therefore, your body may experience carb overload and release huge amounts of insulin. On the other hand, complex carbs are slowly digested by the body. Therefore, I suggest you to take complex carbs such as whole grain flour, vegetables, oats and unprocessed grains.

You also need to eat lean and mean protein. Lean protein such as flounder, cod, bass, and halibut is the best way to provide you protein to build muscle and provide long lasting energy for the day. Otherwise, you can get lean protein from chicken or duck breast. Another protein types are come from beans and soy products such as edamame and tofu.

The next step is changing your mind set. You will need to adopt healthy attitude towards food, make sure that you are checking your current food habits and lifestyle. Make sure to find healthier replacements for anything you eat. Alternatively, you can consult a medical professional, especially when you are having eating disorder or improper meal. Make sure that you are eating healthy food slowly and drink a full glass of water throughout your meal. This way, you will be able to eat properly and healthy.

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