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Selecting an applicant and dealing with Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies or agencies are organizations or group of people, in-charged in looking for employees, manpower or laborer and professionals that are a particular client or other companies ordered. They are responsible in filtering, screening and choosing the rightful and qualified candidates for a particular position. Therefore, as an agent or recruiter, you must have enough and wide knowledge in managing the selection process as well as attracting candidates, so that you will be able to meet the requirements provided by the employer.

Positions that recruitment companies, open to applicants will depend on their client. Most of the time, they are in need of experienced professionals, such as nurses, doctors and caregivers. One of the companies, managing such job hiring is the Proactive Executive Healthcare Recruiters. These applicants may be assigned in or outside the country, too, depending on the job order submitted by the employers.

The job of the recruitment agencies looks so simple and easy. But, the recruitment process has a long way to go. As an applicant, you will not simply send your application and documents. You need to formally come, present yourself for interviews, take written tests and sometimes, demonstrations as well as orientation or seminar is also needed. Sometimes, there is a representative, coming from the employer to assist to make the selection process faster. But, before anything else, you also have things to consider as an employer, who is asking for recruitment jobs.

Information needed

As an employer, you are not going to just call a recruiter and tell him that you need employees. You have to be very specific here because the information or details that you need to send to the agency will be used as a basis in hiring the right people.

Think about the job details properly. Firstly, you need to give the positions needed. Secondly, you have to provide the task or what make up the job. Thirdly, you also need to include the number of working hours or the time to work.

Lastly, it is very important to write down the skills as well as the personal characteristics, traits and qualities needed to efficiently perform the job. Visit this website because it will tell you more about how the skills and qualities differs.

The job description

It is very important for the employer to be very detailed when it comes with the job description. If possible, this must be stated clearly in such a way that every applicant and recruiters understand. This will also serve as the criteria for the selection process. Here, the employer must be able to identify and specify the competencies for performing the job.

Make sure that the applicant will have the skills, experience and knowledge. It is also important to set qualifications because these would be very helpful in the screening of potential candidates. It is also needed to include some personal traits or qualities that would be relevant to the position the applicant is applying for, especially when they have to work as a team.

Finding applicants

A recruiter has two ways of finding applicants. One is through internal methods, where the candidate for a certain position could be referred by some staffs and it could also be that the applicant will inherit a position of their parents or relatives. This method is used as an internal arrangement between companies and is not often used by recruiting companies.

The other method of finding candidates can be done in different ways. The agent may post an advertisement about the job hiring and positions available, giving the necessary contact details of the recruitment agency, where the applicants may inquire. If the company is big enough, then then may broadcast it via radio, television or various reading materials. This will show you how such ads are done.

But, nowadays, the agents are also using social media and online or networking strategy to find potential applicants. In my opinion, this is one of the most effective way of collecting applicants in and out of the country. You just need to make sure that you will post this ad to websites or social media sites, where it will be viewed by your target applicants. And then, just be very sure that your viewers can read the steps on how they are going to apply for the job. This classified ad must be very clear, simple and direct to the point to avoid giving false hopes to interested applicants.

 Managing Applications

After the recruiter has posted the classified ads, pretty sure that job applicants will start sending their resume to the agency’s office address and email address. While other candidates, who were just living near the location of the recruitment agency would surely come personally to submit their folder. Candidates may come in bulk, depending on the number of employees needed. Sometimes, there are just a few positions, but have a vast number of applicants, which means that they are very much interested with the position or the offer of the company.

It would be great, if the recruiter can set a deadline for the submission of application forms. Through this, you can see who is punctual and interested in getting a job. In my opinion, these early applicants are determined to be in that position, so sometimes, they were given a good impression. Anyway, recruitment agencies are always fair and do not allow favoritism or any form of bias. So, being early does not guarantee that you will get the position. You will just be noticed for showing a good characteristic, which is indeed not bad at all.

Every applicant will be assessed and will be given points, depending on the requirements of the employer. If the agents find your resume pretty interesting, then it also means that you qualify for the job. But, not an assurance that you will get the job because you still have a long road. You would still be given an appointment to take written exams and a final interview. And then, you will be given a call or notice that you are hired and will be asked to report to your employer.