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Keep Your Mind Healthy With Yoga!

People lead fast paced lives and they are continuously running behind something or the other. It may be their goals or hobbies but their days turn out to be busy. They often complain about lack of time for exercise and in their pursuit to achieve something they lose their health. Health is very vital and only when something troubles you realization dawns on you about the importance of leading a healthy life.

Exercises play a pivotal role in making a person healthy physically and mentally. When you walk or do any cardio activity endorphin is secreted which makes you happy and cheerful. So include some form of activity into your life to lead healthy and stress free lives. It can be walking, cardio or the age old yoga.

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which when translated means uniting the spirit with the physical body. It has been practiced in India for centuries together and practicing it has many advantages. It aims to transform not only the body but also the mind. It is mainly practiced to improve one’s flexibility and strength and it even makes a person calm and composed. A practitioner will start enjoying inner peace with continuous practice.

Thought process play a vital role in the health of an individual. It is believed that if a person is depressed or feeling low his physical body starts developing aches and pains. To combat these a strong mind with positive thoughts is very essential. Yoga is for long term health and practitioners enjoy good concentration and attention span. Therapeutic yoga is recommended for those suffering from depression.

A good exercise is one which has breaks in between. Exercises without breaks will do you more harm than good and yoga is no different. Yoga teachers advocate mixing physically demanding poses with restful poses and so your body feels relaxed. The meditative poses in yoga calms your mind and makes you more aware and establishes connection with your inner self.

Yoga is proved to improve the mental lives of practitioners. Memory loss, anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders can be bettered with continuous practice of yoga. It is holistic and practitioners enjoy a high degree of enjoyment doing the poses regularly. Inner peace is attained, they become mindful and aware in all their endeavours. Yoga is a perfect antidote for physical fitness and mental health.

Mindful breathing is an integral part of yoga and this requires focus and concentration. With mindful breathing you will learn to master internal and external distractions and will connect with your inner self. With some poses you are able to increase the neurotransmitters in the brain and have a control over the anxiety issues. You will also be able to process better information and will always feel peace with yourself.

With regular practice of yoga, you are able to handle stress better. It aids in mood regulation and you are able to control your emotions. When you do not over react to situations half the battle is won and you end up having the situations under control. Some of the poses for the brain are

Bhramari Pranayama

It is also alternatively known as bee breathing. The advantages of practicing this is that you are able to overcome negative emotions. With practice you are in control of your anger, frustration and anxiety issues. It also boosts your memory and improves concentration.


This seated forward bend helps to stretch the spine and relieves stress. You can overcome your irritability and anger issues with this asana.


It is a difficult pose and it is also known as the shoulder stand. It is effective for people suffering from thyroid and the advantages of practicing this asana are improvement in cognitive functions. As more blood reaches the pineal glands it helps with nourishing the brain.

Sethu Bandhasana

If you are stressed then, this is for you. It is relatively an easier asana and it improves blood circulation to the brain. It relaxes the tight muscles and it is good for the nervous system.

Super Brain Yoga

This is a very common asana performed at Ganesha temples. Children are forced to do it as a form of punishment in schools but the advantages of it is often not understood properly. The posture is that a person stands straight clutching the earlobes. The right hand is used to hold the left ear lobe while the left hand is used for right earlobe. By inhaling deeply a person squats to the sitting position and it is repeated for more than 12 counts.

The advantages are

  • Increases mental energy
  • Makes a person more creative
  • Stimulates the brain and thinking capacity
  • Improves memory power, focus and concentration.
  • A person becomes psychologically balanced by doing this.
  • Improves cognitive abilities.

The list goes on and on. So choose asanas helpful for a healthy mind and lead a happy life.