Here’s everything that you need to know about amber teething necklaces:

Here's everything that you need to know about amber teething necklaces:

Teething might be a painful phase for your tiny one. As a mother, you desperately look for something that can soothe your baby’s pain. We are here to solve this problem of yours. Do you know that amber teething necklaces are very effective in soothing your baby during their teething phase?

What are these amber teething necklaces?

If you are a new mother, you might not be aware of this product. Best amber teething necklaces are a sort of accessory which your baby needs to wear during the teething phase. These are manufactured using baltic amber. When your baby wears them it increases the body heat and releases oil which possesses succinic acid. The oil is good for soothing the pain as it gets absorbed into the body and provides an analgesic impact on the gum of your baby.

The magic ingredient, succinic acid has many medical benefits. It is known to be rich in antioxidants, boosts immunity, anti-inflammatory and soothing. This ingredient is found in heart medicine, vitamin supplements, creams etc.

Are the amber teething necklaces safe to use?

These are not a replacement for chewable toys. Make sure your baby doesn’t chew them. They need to wear them as a neck accessory. As a concerned mother, you may still think if this acid is safe for your baby. FDA has declared succinic acid to be a safe ingredient.

How to use?

Pick the right size amber teething necklace for your baby. Fasten it around his neck.

Try to distract your baby so that he tends to forget about the presence of the necklace.

Leave it for some time.

Do not forget to remove the necklace at bedtime.

We have put up a buyer’s guide below to help you to pick the best amber teething necklaces for your little one:

How to buy the right amber teething necklace?

You need to be sure about the authenticity of the product when you opt to buy them. Make sure that they are made of authentic baltic amber. There are many fake products in the market which are sold as genuine baltic amber. Do the two below mentioned steps to judge the genuine of the product:

Place the amber teething necklace against a hot object. You will get a stink of pine from the dispersed oil.

Take a piece of cloth and rub the amber necklace against it. If it is a genuine product than the cloth will become static.

A few other factors to pay attention to:

Try to make sure the amber is unpolished and raw. The unpolished amber will release the oil quickly and reach to your baby’s gum to provide a calming effect. On the other hand, polished amber is ineffective. When they polish the material, the magic ingredient gets sealed inside.

If the beads are darker that means they have been cooked to intensify the colour. Try to pick some lighter colour if possible.

We still recommend you to research a bit and read some user reviews before buying the best amber teething necklaces for your baby.

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