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Complete guide to male infertility: Causes and Treatment

Male infertility is more common than female infertility. The reason being exposure to a lot of things than female. Going down to the basics even the jeans pants which men predominantly wear is backed by science of causing infertility. Not just jeans but any tight fitting cloth is said to cause infertility, especially in male counterparts. There is no evidence of jeans causing infertility in women. Infertility in women is a lot more complicated than male but does not happen so easily than in male. Yes, male infertility is very dedicated. We visited many infertility center in mumbai and did our research in understanding the characteristics of male infertility.

Defective spermatogenesis is a condition of defective sperm formation. The reason for the presence of the scrotum outside the body is because it should maintain the sperms at an optimal temperature which means, it should be 1 – 2 degrees less than the body temperature. At sometimes, hormonal imbalance can also this defectiveness. This the reason why driving for a long time will interfere with poor sperm production. Heavy vehicles like bus and lorry usually have increased engine heat and the drivers of such vehicles are affect by this. Even some bikes also have high engine heat can cause defective sperm production.

Smoking and drinking are known to reduce the quality of sperms produced. This will also kills the healthy sperms in the body and hence smoking does a lot of harm other than cancer. Drinking reduces the sperm producing ability of the body. Alcohol drinking causes weight gain and obesity is one of the worst enemies of fertility. Junk food and not eating at the right time combine with stress will increase obesity.

Proper investigation has to done in order to identify infertility problems. There is no self-examination for identifying infertility. As infertility is not a disease it does not accompany with any symptoms. Visit a nearby fertility clinic in chennai to get your tests done. Most of the times, the test results would reveal the reason to poor quality of sperms. This condition can be reversed by changing your lifestyle till you achieve the desired results.