6 Reasons to Go for An Arm Lift

6 Reasons to Go for An Arm Lift

Having flabby hands or sagging skin on the arms can be uncomfortable and may limit you from adorning your favorite outfit. However, you can go for an arm lift to transform the appearance of your arms and enjoy a more appealing look. Here are reasons why you may want to consider an arm lift;

1. Excessive skin on upper arms

You may have excess or sagging skin on the arms due to significant weight loss, aging, or genetics. An arm lift surgery can help fix the issue, but the outcome of the procedure will, however, depend on various factors. These may range from the amount of excess skin and scarring. For instance, you will get more effective results if your skin hasn’t lost its elasticity. The surgery also involves scarring, and the scars vary from one patient to another. Therefore, the surgeon will try to minimize them to ensure you get perfect arms.

2. Flabby arms

You may have flabby arms even without undergoing significant weight loss. This may result due to aging and sometimes loss of skin elasticity. In this case, an arm lift will help tighten your skin and tone the appearance of your arms.

3. Boosting confidence

You may feel uneasy due to the appearance of your flabby arms, which can affect your self-esteem. However, an arm lift can help transform your look, boosting your confidence. With well-toned arms, it will also be easier to find well-fitting clothes. The procedure will improve your confidence, look, and clothing options.

4. Physical discomfort

Loose skin on the arms can cause physical discomfort and sometimes skin irritation. This is common when the skin rubs against other body parts, and you may want to get rid of the loose skin. Loose skin on the upper arms may also cause chaffing, which is common during hot weather. 

An arm lift can address the issue and improve your physical appearance, confidence, and comfort. 

5. Improve contour & proportioning

Well-shaped arms are more appealing and will make you feel more confident. You can alter the shape and tone of your arms by going for an arm lift procedure, and the final look will depend on how the surgeon tucks in the loose skin. Brachioplasty allows you to trim your upper hands and tighten any loose skin, making your hands proportionate and more appealing. By tightening the loose skin on your arms, it also becomes easier to achieve workout results when weight lifting.

6. To get rid of scar tissue

You may have scars on the upper arm due to past injuries or accidents. In this case, an arm lift can help trim the skin and tuck away undesirable scars, thus dealing with any imperfections. Sagging skin also poses hygiene issues such as sweat irritation and yeast infection. This happens mostly at skin folds that lock in moisture since they are hard to clean. An arm lift can help eliminate such issues, improving your overall hygiene levels and health.


Are you worried about loose arm skin and considering an arm lift? Discuss your fears and concerns with your doctor to determine if you are eligible for the procedure. Choose highly experienced surgeons and enjoy a well-toned skin and a better look! 

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