Type 2 Diabetes: Four Tips To Prevent Blood Sugar From Rising This Winter

Diabetes is a disease in your body when the blood sugar levels is higher then the normal value. Diabetes is a most common problem in most of the people. It will diagnose when there is no or less physical movement of the body, lack of exerise etc or having a history of high blood pressure. Diabetes can leads to many serious diseases like high blood pressure, strok etc if not treated.

Type 2 diabetes normally happens when your body does not your the insulin properly. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes finds in human body. Your pancreas will not able to produce the enough insulin which your body requires and glucose level will not be at normal level. The most common symptoms for type 2 diabetes are more thirst, feeling tired etc. It will also increases the chances of getting effected your eyes and heart and leads to blindness and heart stroke. You can control your diabetes by changing your diet, medicines and regular checkups.

You may also follow the below tips to regulate your blood sugar in winter.

Do exercise daily: You must not neglect your daily exercise even in winter as it reduce your blood sugar level. Exercise is the most important part of the daily life. Your body will be in motion and it helps to reduce the sugar in body. You can go for morning walk little later to avoid cold storms. You will also get the sunlight and it will give you the inner warm. You may also ask your colleauges, friends and family members to join you for morning walk or for daily exercise. You may also opt for running as it is also a good exercise. Exercise also helps the body to use the insulin and also burns the extra body fat. It will keep your blood pressure at normal level and your heart will not take any extra effort to pump the blood in vessels. It is very common for heart to take pressure in pumping the blood in winter. Its also reduce the LDL cholesterol and raise the HDL cholesterol. If it’s not possible for you to go outside for exercise you may also do some exercise at your home. At last, you have to do exercise, place is not important. You may also join dance classes, yoga classes as dance is also an exercise.

Do not fall ill: You must keep your body fit specially in winter as winter is the weather of cold. If you get sick, you may also feel stressed then there is a chances of increasing the blood sugar level. Your eating schedule also suffers when you are sick. You must strict to your diet plan. You may also take flu shot to not to fall ill or you can consult with your doctor. You may also at soups of vegetables as it will give the heat to your body along with the other nutrients which are required for the body to fight with diseases. It will also strong your immunity power. When you are sick, your blood sugar or glucose level will high and it will cause other serious problems including coma. When you are stressed or sick, body will release more hormones to fight with diseases but these hormones also have some side effects like to increase the blood sugar or glucose level. To maintain the sugar level at normal range, its difficult for the sick people. You must try to avoid to fall ill.

Intake vitamin D: You must expose yourself outside in sunlight. Your body will absorb sunlight from which the body takes vitamin D. Vitamin D is mandatory for the body and also helps to strong the bones. It also helps to strong the immunity power of the body which helps to fight several diseases. The body makes the vitamin d by its own with the help of sunlight. The research has proved that the vitamin D may help with insulin resistance. You may also take vitamin D supplements. At some part of the nation, some people may not find sunlight due to the cold. You may take vitamin D supplements. It may also reduce the fat in your body. The research has also proves that the sufficient level of vitamin D reduces the parathyroid harmone which may leads to weight loss in long time and reduce the risk of obesity. Obesity plays a important role in infect with type 2 diabetes.

Take a watch on your sugar level: You must check your sugar level at regular intervels when you are sick and sugar level is not high. You may also write the levels so if needed you can consult with the doctor. Regular checkup will help you to avoid any problem or any finding in sugar levels. If you find any problem with your blood sugar levels, you may consult with your doctor to avoid any serious problem. Regular checkups will help you to control your sugar level. You may avoid any other diseases by regular checkups of your blood sugar levels. You may also keep your medicines, supplies with you so in case of emergency you may take those medicines and avoid any serious problem. You must protect your insulin and testing equipments from cold. If your monitor is not working properly in winter you can warming it.

Diabetes is the very serious disease which creates or invite so many disease if not treated well. You may only live a routine life to avoid diabetes. You can strict to your daily exercise, healthy diet so you may not get any symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes can leads to heart attack, coma if you do not follow proper precaution. Diabetes specially effects in winter as body will not get proper nutrients and you do not do proper exercise so body will not in motion and heart takes pressure to pumping the blood in body. It is better to make change in your daily routine so you may avoid diabetes. Only precaution can prevent you from the diabetes.