Tips to Restore Sunburned Skin

Anyone who plans on going to the beach would know the consequences: sunburned skin due to exposure to the sun throughout the day. So no wonder if all the prevention equipment is brought. Black eyeglasses, sunblock, skin moisturizing cream … just anything that can prevent or reduce the burning skin.Actually, anyone who plays on the beach should be diligent diligently to apply sunblock every half an hour or an hour. It’s just because of time limitations, busy travel schedules and fun to have fun … Making us often forget to apply sunblock as often as possible.

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Because when playing on the beach or at sea, we feel happy. Eve sea, sea water, and beautiful scenery with wide blue skies make everything forget. But once the tour event is over, it will immediately feel the impact. Sand and seawater make itchy skin, while the ultra violet sun will cause skin burn, black, and even sore. Make your skin white base, usually looks reddish. While the skin tends to darken, the more visible charred. If you have this, it takes tricks/tips to restore sunburned skin until the skin back to normal. Must be patient and diligent care, which is important no need to worry about, there is a solution naturally. Let’s take a look at the important things to watch out for:

  1. Finished playing on the beach, immediately take a cold shower to relieve soreness and redness in the skin. Indeed, so no longer flushed cold water, the skin again feels hot and sore, but at least can be muffled for a moment.
  2. Itching in some parts of the body must make you upset, but hold the temptation to scratch. Let stand for a while so as not to aggravate the skin condition.
  3. A few days after leaving the beach, try not to get too involved with the sun. Even if there is a job that forces you to do outdoor activities, do not forget to wear long-sleeved clothing, trousers or long skirts, hats, and sunglasses so that newly burned skin does not get worse.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Your body works hard to reduce skin irritation burns, which is why it feels a bit hot when touched. So, make sure the body does not lack fluids. More importantly, consume plenty of fresh fruits and nutritious foods to get sunburned skin more quickly.
  5. Wear loose clothing so that the skin is not irritated worse. Sweat will trigger the onset of an itchy mushroom – like if you wear tight clothes. Clothing materials must also be considered. We recommend wearing the best cotton.
  6. Suggested for a day or two after returning from coastal tourism, do not use soap during the bath (even if you want to use soap, just a little) because the content of soap can eliminate the body’s natural oils are very important for the recovery process of burning skin.
  7. When rubbing on the body, do not be too rough. Avoid pumice or other hard tools. Instead, use a soft sponge so as not to aggravate the skin condition is still irritated.

Thus the tips that you may be able to do when exposed to sunlight may be useful and happy on vacation.