The Psychological Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are easy to boast and are medically measurable. However, people often neglect to recognise the psychological benefits of exercise, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Common Psychological Benefits Associated With Exercise

Not only can exercise energise you and make you more confident (which in itself is crucial to mental health), but it can also psychologically benefit you in the long-term. Exercise has been proven to have a calming effect. Short term stress can be treated by exercise which triggers the release of neurochemicals like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

  • Endorphins – These have comparative effects to those of morphine, reducing pain and stress as well as giving you a “happy feeling.” These are the root of what has become known as “the runners high.”
  • Serotonin and dopamine – These chemicals in the brain can fight depression and improve mood. It has even been linked to heightened long-term memory. They are often referred to as “feel good hormones.”

Exercise plays a direct role in your cognitive health and its maintenance. Regular physical activity supports the brain and prevents degeneration in the hippocampus of the brain, which is responsible for learning and memory.

Taking up an activity and sticking to its schedule is known to improve self-esteem and pride in your physical perseverance and accomplishments. Confidence in your appearance and physical abilities will follow suit.

This is due to the release of chemicals spurred on by exercisewhich may help you to experience less stress and anxiety. Most people report having a feeling of all around wellbeing once taking up regular exercise as well as a whole host of other medical benefits, including weight loss.

Psychological Benefits of a Medical Weight Loss Programme

By consulting with a weight loss specialist doctor you can determine which medical weight loss programme will work best for your goals and how incorporating exercise can help you reach your target.

Once you begin detoxifying your body through healthy diet and exercise you will soon feel the positive effects this has on your mood and health. As you begin to transform in your weight loss journey with the advice of a trained weight loss specialist doctor your body image will improve, and this in itself is priceless to your mental health.

To improve your health by taking on a medical weight loss programme you can lose 7 kg’s in the first month(results may vary and are patient specific). This will do wonders for your physical, mental and emotion wellbeing. Contact us to find out how you can turn your life around in all aspects, for the better. Find a weight loss specialist doctor in your area to get started.