The Cost of Hair Transplant influenced by the Method Opted for the Extraction

The procedure of hair transplant involves the transferring of the hair roots, either by the FUT extraction procedure or the FUE that facilitates the option of the extraction or harvesting the hair roots. The extraction or harvesting that is the first step of the hair transplant procedure allows a surgeon to obtain the required number of grafts/follicular units to cover the respective grade of baldness. The hair transplant cost largely depends on the opted method of the restoration procedure as it directly influences the procedure complexity as well as the outcome.

Notably, the cost of the FUT hair transplant is less as compared to the FUE one as the technique of strip harvesting is one of the best acceptable methods worldwide and directly involve the Surgeon’s precision and art of work perfection rather than the technology or equipment used in the procedure. Most of the clinic established in India gives special emphasis on the number of grafts that are extracted in the particular session and then the cost is put accordingly, but when we talk about the method of extraction, it majorly accelerates the strength of graft/follicular unit extraction and the cost of the procedure gets affected.

How Technique of Graft Extraction or the type of Method accelerate the cost of the Hair Transplant Procedure is best Described below:

  1. The Way of Extraction: The way the surgeon excise the graft are different in both the techniques of hair restoration and makes the procedure an easier or complex depends upon the number of obtaining the number of the particular graft. However, the way of extraction affects the cost of the hair transplant procedure. The graft extraction in the FUT procedure involves the strip involvement that contains a number of hair roots in a single strip at the same time and allows a surgeon to fulfill the desired number of graft need for the hair transplantation.
  2. The Equipment/modern tools use in the Procedure: The equipment used in the procedure affects the procedure greatly as the modern technology and tools are pricey that incorporated with the restoration charge and the cost gets high predominantly. The involvement of the modern tools and technology are mainly applied in the FUE extraction that is based on the random punching process and applies the cutting-edge technology to perform the surgery. These tools are costly, but their involvement doesn’t assure anyone about the success rate of the procedure. the success of the hair transplant wholly and solely depends upon the surgeon’s skill and perfection that only comes after years’ of experience and expertise in the same field.
  3. Who is doing the Practice: The hair transplant surgeons expertise and excellence affect the outcome in a positive manner that also ensures us about the way of doing the surgery with a right manner and definitely the cost is influenced by the same. The major accelerating factor that influences the cost of the procedure is surgeon’s qualification, reputation, and their remarkable outcome in the field of cosmetic surgeries.
  4. The Graft’s Number: The number of graft that is extracted in the particular session decides the cost of the procedure. As a matter of fact, the FUT offers a mega number of grafts in a single session, whereas the strength of FUE is less in terms of providing the expected number of follicular units/graft.


So, the procedure of hair transplant always received from the expert Surgeon who has mastery in the art as well as the surgical skills and who is only one to recommend you the best technique at the right time decided by your extent, class and type of hair loss.