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The Best Kent RO Purifiers under INR 20,000

Water is a basic necessity and purified water is very important for a healthy living. There are numerous choices of water filters in the market and for the health of your family you may obviously be looking for the best one. However, the innumerable choices always create confusions and the battle of choosing the top one becomes very daunting. This selection process becomes even more complex when you have a set budget. If your budget is INR 20,000, you have a vast range of choices from India’s leading purifier brand Kent.

Kent Gem

Priced at INR 19000, this UF + RO purifier is one of the best choices for your budget. The water purifier can be installed easily and attached with refrigerator. Besides removing all chemicals and impurities, it smartly retains the essential minerals in water. It sports a fully automated design, which lets the appliance to start with the process of purification as and when the level of water in the storage tank drops below maximum. Thus, purified water is always accessible.

Kent Super+

Priced at INR 18,500, this compact reverse osmosis purifier is within your budget. It has a transparent design that shows off an inbuilt TDS controller and the brand’s patented Mineral RO Technology. It’s ideal for purification of tap water, municipal water and brackish water.

Kent Sterling

Kent Sterling is one of the best water filters that ensure 100% purity of water with its mineral RO technology. It can store up to six liters of water in its tank and gives UF and RO purified water free from all germs. It can be kept anywhere as it utilizes the space efficiently. It comes with a price tag of just INR 18,500.

Kent Ace+

The double purification of Kent Ace+ uses UV + RO purification to get rid of all the impurities present in water. It stores around 7 liters of water in its storage tank. It is very reasonably priced at INR 17,500.

Kent Wonder

With 7 liters of storage capacity, Kent Wonder gives purified water using RO & UV technology. Its wall mounted and tabletop design allows easy installation at any place. You can easily remove the storage tank for cleaning purposes. It comes with a price tag of INR 18,500.

Kent Ace

Priced at INR 19,500, Kent Ace is a purifier that retains all essential minerals in the water beside removing all the harmful particles from it. It’s UV and RO technology makes the water completely safe to drink.

Kent Pride Plus

UF+RO+TDS control with multi-stage purification process makes Kent Pride Plus another great choice of water purifier within your budget. It is the very first filter to have in-tank UV disinfection, which ensures storage of clean water in the tank every time. It’s available at INR 19,500.

Kent Pride

This multistage purification system will best suit your water purification requirements. Its aesthetic appeal and elegant design will ideally suit every home decor. It can store up to 8 liters of water. You can buy this purifier for just INR 17,000.

Kent Grand

Priced at INR 19,000, this high technology water purifier smartly controls everything. It alerts you from time to time with UV Fail Alarm, Filter Change Alarm and gives you complete updates by ensuring efficiency, convenience and safety.

Kent Super Star

With an excellent TDS controller, the double purification technology of Kent Super Star will best satisfy your needs. This model is priced at INR 19,000.

With these many choices of water filters from Kent within your budget, you are sure to find one that satisfied all your needs.