Symptoms when experiencing depression

Depression can have a negative impact on your life. Depression is a feeling experienced by everyone at one time in their lives. Negative feelings such as sadness, worry, and frustration are common feelings for many people. It is natural that you feel disappointed after a failure, sadness, separation or loss. We can overcome these feelings of depression by counseling. Fortunately, in this modern age counseling is not only done with face to face but also through long distance communication. Because there are already facilities that provide e-counseling services.

A service that makes it easy for a depressed person to be able to co-exist at any time, and when needed. For example, when away from the place of counseling while he was in dire need of counselor to help find problem-solving. With e-counseling services it can all be easier

Again, those feelings are natural and in some cases, they can be used for our benefit because they show our weakness. The experience that arises from the negative conditions in our lives gives us the courage and willingness to change our lives and the power to deal with depression and other negative situations in the future.

When such negative feelings persist, persist for more than two weeks, and begin to interfere with our daily activities, work, diet, sleep, and relationships; Then most likely we are depressed and we have to find a way to overcome them. The main characteristics of depression are negative feelings and sadness that are very deep and occur for a long time.

What are the major symptoms of depression that arise in our lives?

– Grief prolonged

– Stamina is low and often tired

– Increased or decreased appetite

– Increased or decreased desire to sleep

– Stress, quick temper and frustration

– No sexual desire

– Have no hope for the future

What are the main causes of depression?

Less Positive Thinking

When a person is depressed, they feel that something bad will happen, and this will happen repeatedly. In such an event, the person sees more bad things about something; Consciously or unconsciously. They always focus their attention on the problem and ignore the success and success they achieve.

For someone who is negative and has a tendency to depression, everything that happens is a mirror of problems and setbacks. A change in a person or an environmental change, which is a reasonable change, in the mind of a depressed person is proof that something bad happens because of them.

Lack of Confidence

Depressed people lack confidence and they always think of everything that happens as their failure. Even the slightest mistake they perceive as a big problem and they drain their attention far greater than the average person.

Pay more attention to errors

In life, we must make mistakes; Some people make more mistakes. People suffering from depression focus more on the number of mistakes they make. As a result, they create a negative impression of error.

Feeling Depressed at Various Liabilities In Life

In this situation, people always think what they should do and should not do. As a result, at the end of the day, they are weighed down by a number of commitments. People with this kind of mindset concentrate their thoughts on bitterness and frustration and also affect the behavior of the people around them.

Feeling Weak

The problem for people who are depressed is they feel there is nothing that can satisfy them. Even when they realize they can improve their mood, they do not do it. The advice they get from friends and family is unnecessary and useless. One thing they feel most is their inability to hope or be inspired by something and pay attention to it.

They realize what they are like under normal circumstances but they do not like it. They realize what they should do but they can not do it. They realize what others want from them, but they can not afford it. They do not expect at any time things will get better. They lose hope and hope slowly disappears from themselves. At this point, depression does not let them feel happiness and optimism.