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Tips on Maintaining Your Asphalt Pavement and Parking Lot Asphalt pavements are made using a binder to hold compactly stone and gravel. Certain crude oils are taken through a process of distillation to produce the binder. The pavement degradation process starts when the binder is exposed to the effects of chemicals,ultra violet rays of the sun or rain over time. If the resultant degradation is allowed to continue,the asphalt pavement will have a surface appearance that looks less than desirable. To prevent the eventual degradation that naturally occurs when nothing is done,a program that involves sealcoating and crack sealing should be initiated in good time. Sealcoating effectively seals off the elements making sure there is no contact between them and the binder. Handling the issue of cracks and performing sealcoating early enough prevents the inevitable eventuality where a new pavement would otherwise have to be designed. Crack sealing is much more complex than what it may appear to be. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate crack filling materials for the crack sealing program. The way the affected asphalted surface is prepared for the process of crack sealing determines a lot the quality of the results of the process.
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Clean sweeping of the area and blowing the cracks with a high pressure compressor ensures that all particles,dirt,moisture and debris that weaken the ability of the filler material to bind the gravel as compactly as desired are eliminated.
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The area to be worked on should be clean and dry and that is why compressors should be constantly examined to ensure they do not contain oil or moisture droplets which could end up in the cracks. Filling should be done immediately after the cleaning and drying of the cracks. The following few things should be borne in mind when doing sealcoating. Avoid sealcoating during the rainy season. Avoid applying the sealcoat when the atmospheric temperatures fall below 50 degrees. Apply at least 2 coats for desirable results. Do not use the pavement within the next 24 hours of performing the sealcoating process so as to allow the coat adequate time to cure. As a general rule, sealcoating is applied every 2-3 years to prolong the life of the pavement. Every 2 years,ensure that you re-mark the stripe lines on your parking lot. Always check to be sure that your parking lot is not out of alignment with the federal law known as ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act. Applying the sealcoat correctly at the right time and doing crack sealing as soon as cracks appear as well as keeping striping lines clearly marked on your parking lot or pavement will ensure they are maintained well and will look beautiful for years to come.