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Antioxidants and Their Benefits Antioxidants are often included whenever there are discussions about health and disease prevention. Antioxidants as the name itself implies prevents the oxidation of molecules of the body and this substances which are also very powerful can be found mostly in fruits and vegetable. Our sicknesses and diseases are mainly caused by free radicals in our bodies and the way that antioxidants help our bodies is to challenge these free radicals. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals but to counteract their damaging effects, the body also produces antioxidants. Our body sometimes produces more free radicals than antioxidants. An external supply of antioxidants will give the body many benefits including a balance maintained with the free radicals. What antioxidants can do is to neutralize and remove free radicals from the bloodstream. There are different kinds of antioxidants found in nature, and these differences also provide benefits to different parts of our bodies. Here are some examples of antioxidants and the benefits it gives to certain parts of the body: beta-carotene or carotenoids for eye health; lycopene for prostate health; flavonoids for heart health; and proanthocyanidins for urinary tract health.
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The exposure of the skin to high levels of ultraviolet light induces photo-oxidative damage of different types of reactive species of oxygen which includes singlet oxygen, superoxide radicals, and peroxide radicals. Sunburn, premature skin aging, photodermatoses, and skin cancer are caused by the different types of oxygen that does damage to cellular lipids, protein, and DNA.
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One of the most powerful antioxidant combinations for helping to protect the skin from reactive species of oxygen is astaxanthin, followed by beta-carotene combined with vitamin E. Singlet oxygen is known to catalyze production of free radicals and can compromise your immune system. The antioxidants responsible for enhancing the immune system and to protect cell membrane and cellular DNA from mutation are astaxanthin and spirulina. Astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant that can easily quench singlet oxygen,, and is ten times stronger than other carotenoids including beta-carotene, and five hundred times stronger than alpha tocopherol or vitamin E, while Spirulina contains different antioxidants and other substances that are beneficial for boosting immunity. If you want optimum health, then you should increase your intake of antioxidants especially because there are many things in this world that make us sick. Taking vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes simply from our daily diet can help increase antioxidants in our bodies to help keep up the number of antioxidants which the body produces to help fight the damaging effects of the presence of free radicals. With an increase in antioxidant intake will ensure more protection for our bodies.