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How to Treat Acid Reflux Have you realized that taking some foods makes you have heartburn? If this usually happens to you, you can take some steps to get heartburn relief. Identifying the causes or triggers of heartburn will help you to manage it better. Below is an overview of the things you can do to reduce heartburn. Change your meals Most of the time, heartburn is caused by the food you eat. Acid reflux problems can also occur depending on the number of times you eat. When preparing food, limit your intake of carbohydrates and increase white meats. For example, you can take fish instead of pasta. When taking food, it is advisable to take small portions rather than big portions. Small portions of food are easier on the stomach. It is also important to pace yourself when eating. Do not wait until you are too full to stop eating. Resolve to eat only for a few minutes. The average person eats for about 20 minutes to get full. Taking a lot of food at once increases the risk of heartburn occurring.
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Know your triggers You should also find out what triggers the heartburn to occur. You should know the foods and drinks that lead to the symptoms of acid reflux. Some of these may include alcohol, anything that has caffeine in it, citrus fruits, mint or peppermint, garlic and onions and chocolate. You may also come across some foods and drinks that seem to provide relief for heartburn. You should know the foods that can cause heartburn and those that can provide relief.
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Take a nap or sleep Did you know that you can sleep to solve a heartburn instance? To get relief through sleeping, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. To start off, make sure the head side of your bed is raised. A simple way to raise the head side is by simply putting blocks under the legs on the head side. Doing this will ensure that your food contents in the stomach stay down. Do not simply use pillows to try to raise the body. Instead, the belly will become stressed. Generally, it is advisable to eat 2 to 3 hours before you go to sleep. This time is enough for the food to be digested. If you want to nap, do so while seated instead of lying down. The chances of heartburn occurring reduce when you are sleeping in an upright position. You should know what to do to get heartburn relief. Follow the tips above to reduce the likelihood of you getting an acid reflux or heartburn.