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Kids and Food: 10 Tips for Parents

The most important for today’s parents are to learn their children a healthy eating habits. Children need a healthy diet for their growth. Children need a good diet of vegetables, fruits, milk, milk products and grains. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the most important for the growth of children. You may add extra snacks. Today’s tv commercial advertisements also confused the children with their products. But as a parent, you have to take care of your children to serve them a good quality food. Home maid foods, vegetables and fruits are far better resources of minerals and other nutrients as comparable to junk foods. In growing age, children need the nutrients and minerals the most.

You can follow below healthy eating tips for your kids:

Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important part of your daily life. Your child can start eating an apple or a banana with a glass of milk at breakfast. Its give the energy to the body to work for a long time. If your child starts the habit of eating breakfast in an earlier age, then they will keep it till their older age. A child who eating breakfast is more healthier and active compare to other kids who do not eat their breakfast.

Drink Milk: Milk plays an important part in your kids healthy diet. It is unfortunate that some children do not like to drink milk. But you can tell them the benefits of milk. Milk gives good amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which are very useful of your kid’s body. Kids may get vitamin A, calcium, protein from milk. You must encourage your child to drink milk. Initially, your child can start with one cup of milk. Research has proven that the kids who drink milk, do not like to drink other artificial drink like soda, fruit juice etc.

Prepare a Schedule: Your child needs to eat in every two to three hours. You must prepare a diet plan for your child. If you follow that diet plan, your child’s diet will be balanced and they will get all nutrients which they require. Your child needs breakfast, lunch and dinner with some snacks. You can add their favorite dishes too. Your child also needs liquids like milk, water, juice etc.

Keep Fruits at Home: You must keep fruits in your home, especially in your fridge. You should remember that your child will eat what’s available at your home. You can keep different type of fruits so your child can pick from them to eat. You can also eat the available fruits so your child also eats the same what the parents eat. Fruits give important vitamin C and folic acid too.

Do Not Fix Any Amount of Fruits & Vegetables: It is recommended that your child must eat one fruit and one three vegetable daily. But some time children do not follow this recommendation as they prefer the taste. You must ask your child to eat what they like. Sometimes your child will leave their lunch or may skip the breakfast. You must offer the fruits and vegetables to your child so the deficiency will fulfilled. The fruits and vegetables serving size may depend on your child age. You must remember that any amount of fruits and vegetables is better to eat than nothing to eat.

Do Not Use Foods as a Prize: You must not use foods as a prize for your child. It will create a problem later. The weight of your child will increase or they may get any other health issues. You may ask your children for watching a movie, any other physical activity, or a visit to part or any outside game. It will encourage your child to do more.

Dinner Together: You must start to eat dinner together at your home. You can start with once in a week and continue with your daily life. You must remember if you eat your dinner together, your children will have better nutrients and do not get any serious issues in their life later on. It will also increase the emotional bonding with family and your child will also discuss their issues with you.

Be in Touch With Your Pediatrician: You must consult with your child’s doctor if you are planning for a weight loss or weight gain and want to make any changes in their diet plan. Don’t make any changes in the diet plan of your child by yourself as it may be dangerous for them. You must remember that the changes you want to see in your child will not happen in a day. It will take time and effects gradually. So never put any pressure on your child.

Regulate TV/Mobile Timings: You should regulate the timings of watching tv for your kids. Your kids should not spend too much to watch tv and a minimum of ten feet distance between your child and tv must maintain. This will help to keep their eyes fit and healthy. Watching a television for long hours will create problem in their eyes. Kids should not use a mobile phone, as they play games, watching videos on mobile for a long time as this is also not good for their eye’s health.

Social Interaction: You must create a familiar environment in your home, so your kids can discuss their issues with you and do not feel lonely. It can play a major role in reducing the stress in their life. It also helps them to identify the problems of their life and deal with them. You can ask your child to spend some times with their siblings so they know the importance of the family relations.

Kids’ health is more important for the parents. But the parents are too much confused or feel stressed how they keep their kids fit and healthy. The major problem is with their eating habits. Kids spend too much time in watching television and the advertisement make them confused and kids ask for junk foods. Parents can control these habits by make discipline in their kids life and spend some time with them. Kids will follow what their parents do, so you can make changes in your lifestyle and kids will admire you.