Are Aloe Rid Shampoo Effective?

Imagine you’re an applicant. You just finished your final interview and the company offered you a job with one condition. You have to pass the required drug test. And it hits you, you’ve just smoked a joint last night. More and more people experienced this kind of dilemma. With the legalization of marijuana in some states, people are starting to accept cannabis users. The thing is, most companies are still very strict in regards to this subject. This article will tackle on how to beat drug tests using hair follicles.

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Shave it off

There are 3 layers in your hair. The most important layer is the cortex where drug components are stored. One strand will take at least three months to grow. That’s how long drug particles will be stored in your hair follicle. The easiest way to get rid of those drug particles in your hair is to just shave it off clean. As the hair grows back, those particles will wear off. But if you continuously use the substance, it will enter into your system and to your hair again. The good thing is it will not cost anything, the bad thing is if your hair is too short, the one conducting the test might get the hair somewhere else. Unless you shave every hair in your body, there’s still a big chance you might get caught.

Detox Shampoo

Detox shampoo helps remove any toxins in your hair strand. Once the hair grows past hair follicles, anything you ingest won’t be stored in your follicle since the cells in your follicles are dead. Detox Shampoo has its pros and cons. It is easy to use and very reliable but sadly, most shampoos don’t work. So it is better to gather more information on aloe rid shampoo before buying them to know more about how effective and safe the product is. One more thing. After using the detox shampoo, you have to replace anything that touches your before you applied the shampoo to avoid recontamination.

Light User Loophole

If you are a light user and haven’t taken marijuana for a while, there’s a big chance that the substance won’t be detected in the drug test. Hair follicle drug screen will only look for prolonged use. Meaning if you use drugs for 3 straight days, it will be detected in the test, but if you use only once then there’s a higher chance you will test negative. Good news and bad news. The good news is you only needed to stop smoking weeks before the test. The bad news, this is not 100% reliable. There is still a small chance that a small amount will seep into the hair follicle.

Home detox remedies

There are things in your home that can be used as hair detox remedies like Heinz vinegar, clear and clean shampoo and laundry detergent. First, you wash your hair with Heinz vinegar, then put Clear and clear shampoo and massage. After at least 10 minutes, rinse. Then finally, wash your hair with laundry detergent. It is a little itchy and can irritate your scalp so be careful in applying the substance. You have to repeat this at least five more times to be effective.

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There’s no reason to worry if the company you applied ask you to have a hair follicle drug test because this test is very beatable. Although many companies prefer this type of test, there’s always a way around it. Always educate yourself when it comes to these kinds of things. It is not a good way to pass a random drug test, but it’s always a good thing to know these things in case of emergency.