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Last year on the occasion on 15 August Honorable prime ministers of India Narendra Modi has announced to check the price of healthcare in India. The national pharmaceutical pricing authority of India has announced to cut down the price 69%. NPPA has decided to use the device which will replace the part of the knee. Many international patients around the globe have come down to India for the knee replacement. The main reason for knee replacement is because of the age.

In India, you will get the treatment which is equal to international standard at the most affordable rate. other than this you will find international standard doctors who completed their studies from the top medical university in UK and The USA.

Talking about the success rate of knee surgery in India is 90% which is very much compared to any country in the world.

If you are suffering from knee pain and want to know where you can get your knee treatment from India and want to know how much it cost and which is the best hospital for your knee replacement.

In India, there are many hospitals who will provide the best care for your knee. The Hospital like Raheja Hospital one of the top hospital of Mumbai. The hospital is well known for providing the best treatment. Apollo Hospital is the well-known hospital of Mumbai having expertise doctors and the team which is ready for high medical treatment.

Talking about the pricing of the knee treatment in India Is depend upon the treatment which is required on you. On average in India, it will cost you around $8500, where for the same treatment in the USA it will cost you around 35000$ and In UK 24000$.

Talking about the Indian people are very friendly and helpful in nature. You will find best doctors having a good experience through clinicspots.

There is three knee replacement technique that helps your knee to recover faster.

First one is Painless & Minimal-Stitch Knee Replacement Surgery: This new technique will help the patient to go through a knee replacement surgery without pain after and before surgery. In fact `people start walking within few hours of surgery without any support.

Second is Golden Knee Replacement Surgery: In this surgery patient use Titanium-Nitride/Zirconium nitride coating. This kind of surgery is recommended to the patient who has any kind of reaction in the body.

The last one is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery: In this surgery doctor only replace the damaged 3 section of the knee inner, outer and kneecap section.


  • For the patient convenience Hospital started offering offers EMI option.
  • Most of the hospital offers the cashless payment option for the cashless option such as Credit and Debit cards.

Fact about the Knee Replacement:

First, People who go through knee replacement surgery can perform all daily activities and success rate of knee replacement is up to 95%.

Second, most people think that after your knee surgery you can not bend your knee or it is very difficult to sit on the floor. Most of the prosthesis allows the same range of movement.

The third Fact about the knee replacement is that if your surgery fails or problem arises in future you can go for you knee treatment again.

Fourth you can drive your vehicle after within 4-5 weeks of your knee surgery.

Last, but not least you can go for your knee replacement at the age of 65+ mostly cartilage get damage at 65+.