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6 Facts About Plants Everyone Thinks Are True

Medical Marijuana is a Miracle Drug Medical marijuana is a hot debated topic, especially since 1972 when the Controlled Substances Act was changed. This act states that marijuana has no medical use. Many Americans think otherwise, this has led to many states now legalizing marijuana for medical use and others legalizing it altogether. There are many reasons people will argue for marijuana and some reasons people argue against it. The biggest reasons people like to argue for marijuana is because they believe that it has been proven to help with certain ailments. There is zero doubt that medical marijuana can help people that are sick with specific diseases. Marijuana can help with many different diseases, including; Cancer, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, HIV and many more. Medical Marijuana will help people that are dealing with nausea and pain. Being able to keep down nutrients and medicines is important and marijuana can help with this when someone cannot keep them down on their own. Other ill individuals will turn to medical marijuana as a last resort when all other treatments and medicines have failed. Next we will be looking at some of the advantages of medical marijuana. Many people could benefit from marijuana as it can help to ease the suffering that many people deal with when going through an illness. There are many other purposes, the THC that is found in marijuana has been shown to have many positive effects on tumor cells. The THC can help with tumors of the brain, liver, pancreas and breast. This means that marijuana can help with many people that have cancer.
Why No One Talks About Medicines Anymore
While many people will argue for the benefits of marijuana on the body, especially when dealing with a disease, other people will also look at it from an economics perspective. People that think this way believe that legalizing and taxing marijuana could be great for the economy and even lessen the federal debt. The legalization of marijuana comes with the need for many regulations, including growing, selling, and using. Legalization as a whole is controversial, so for this argument we will stick to medical marijuana.
Getting Down To Basics with Cannabis
Smoking anything can cause some risks for users, but these risks are outweighed by the benefits of medical marijuana. Furthermore, medical marijuana does not have to be consumed by smoking it. You might opt to place it or bake it into a certain food that you enjoy eating. You will enjoy taking your medicine and the best part is that you will still get all of the benefits. Some diseases that have been found in children have no other medicine except for marijuana. Obviously small children should not be smoking anything, and there are some companies that will offer a marijuana rub that will help.